The manufacturing venture “NIVA” was founded in 1991.

The concept of specialized production development was adopted at the beginning of 2000-s when new top managers started managing the company. This concept is focused on the production of niche alcoholic beverages.

At the moment NIVA is a strong and smoothly running company owning the production facilities, up-to-date equipment and huge opportunities. However, the most important assets are people who work for the company and make the complicated and big mechanism operate under standard conditions. We are lucky to gather the best specialists in the area thanks to whom more than 50 exclusive recipes were developed and implemented.

Own labels

While searching for new trademarks, we’re tracing all latest world trends in the area of alcoholic beverages production. It allows us to create up-to-date, customized for the Russian target audience, high quality analogues of famous foreign trademarks.  


Tropical cocktails

The flavour of Mojito has been underestimated in our country for a long time. It is one of the most popular summer cocktails in the world starting from 80-s of the last century. We developed and started private label OASIS MOJITO to make this drink popular in Russia. Daiquiri is hugely popular in Europe and it was a favorite drink of John Kennedy and Ernest Hemingway. OASIS DAIQUIRI is a new flavour in the tropical cocktails line developed for the special benefit of the Russian market.


Milk cocktails

A soft taste and fine aroma characterize our milk cocktails. Oasis is one of our findings created for the highlights!

Vodka Stolbovaya

The Russian vodka

We are sure that the quality vodka can be produced only by those who really love the product and produce it with heart. It is necessary to choose the components carefully: only the best alcohol, soft water and natural infusions. It is also necessary to use the leading technologies: all vodkas of TM “Stolbovaya” are produced with the use of the platinum filtration process.


Milk liqueur

The milk liqueurs of TM “BISCUIT” are produced since 1999 and are rather one of the most known private labels of NIVA company. During these years the production process of this famous drink has been perfecting. Two popular flavours: classical Cream and Chocolate are represented in the line for the moment.


Lemon liqueur

Limoncello SAN LORENZO is a popular lemon liqueur. Limoncello is infused on lemon peel. That is why only fresh and fragrant lemons are used for the production of this drink.


Herbs balm

We have studied a lot of old-time formulas of the West-European bitters and balms to get the original taste of this drink. We have patiently reconstructed the formula of this drink guided by the strictest demands of the customers. We have ripened the infusion of vegetable components to get that inimitable taste that you will duly appreciate!

Lesnaya Yagoda


The line of aperitives of TM “LESNAYA YAGODA” appeared in the line of private labels of NIVA company as a selected product with the intent to satisfy the demand of the target audience to choose available and quality aperitives with a flavor of natural wild berries. The aperitives LESNAYA YAGODA is a mixture of excellent quality, lively flavours and competitive price.

San Marko

Desert liqueur

We started production of Amaretto SAN MARKO in 2009 setting the ambitious task to produce the specimen being worthy of great praise. Only choice almond is used in our formula!

Private labels

The important business line of the company is the production of fair quantities of private labels (PL) based on the own developments or the Client’s formulation.

Federal Product Company

Federal distributor of alcoholic beverages

The Limited Liability Company “Federal Product Company” (“FPK” Ltd.) is a young, modern and fast growing company. The intelligent corporate strategy and the professional recruitment have allowed “Federal Product Company” to become one of the important players on the Russian alcoholic beverages market and one of the leading companies in Saint-Petersburg and Leningradskaya oblast.


Chain of hypermarkets

French corporation represented in many countries of the world. The company was founded in 1961 in Roubaix, France. It is one of the biggest retail chain operators (including chain of food hypermarkets Auchan). The first Auchan hypermarket was opened in Russia on August 28, 2002, in Mytischy of Moskovskaya oblast. As of July, 2014, there are 81 hypermarkets of the French company operating in Russia (in Moscow and Moskovskaya oblast, Nizhegorodskaya and Leningradskaya oblast, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Ufa, Kazan, Chelyabinsk and other cities).


Chain of hypermarkets

Lenta is one of the biggest retail chains in Russia and the second big chain of hypermarkets in the country. The company was founded in 1993 in Saint-Petersburg. Lenta manages 83 hypermarkets in 48 cities all over Russia and 15 supermarkets in Moscow and Moskovskaya oblast.


The alcoholic beverages distributor

It is a big federal distributor of alcoholic beverages. The company was founded in 1995. The main area of business is selling alcoholic beverages. Nesco Saint-Petersburg CJSC is an importer of alcoholic beverages, an official distributor of Bacardi RUS. The divisions are situated in Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Kazan, Naberezhniye Chelny, Ulianovsk.

Vodka to order

Alcoholic beverages company

“Trading and industrial company “Vodka to order” Ltd. is a company specialized on development, manufacturing application and sales of alcoholic beverages produced by exclusive batches. The company develops and produces private labels for regional distributors.


In recent years NIVA is actively increasing its manufacture for export. It happens due to the growing demand for the authentic and quality products from Russia.

Vodka Alimov


This vodka is marketed as the premium, authentic brand of Russian vodka. It is produced as the private label for the famous chain of North-American alcoholic beverage hypermarkets Total Wine&More.

Vodka Heritage

Russian vodka

The premium brand “VODKA HERITAGE” is represented on the West-European market in HoReCa segment and is locally famous in Germany.

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